Service List

Brow Services

Custom Noosa Brow Co. Service | 45 mins | $70
Let’s talk about brows, baby. After an initial consult to identify your brow goals, an experienced Noosa Brow Co. Specialist will wax the top and bottom of the brows and the middle to tidy the brows, then the tweezer is used to reshape the brows and a custom mixed brow colour is applied to suit.

Returning Noosa Brow Co. Service | 30 mins | $60
Let’s stick together. Keep your beautiful brows in tiptop condition by revisiting your initial brow specialist. The specialist will discuss the progress of your brow strategy determined in your initial consult to make sure your brow needs are being met on every level.
($50 without brow tint)

Custom Noosa Brow Colour | $20
Custom colour is mixed to suit client’s needs. This will make brows feel fuller and thicker and to add depth and colour to sparce areas of the brow. It will also help to even out the colour tone of the brows and will last 7-14 days

Light’s a Beach Brow Lightening | 10-20 mins | $20
Come on baby, light my fire. Brow lightening will lighten up your brows and create a softer and warmer tone through your brows. This is great for clients who have changed their hair colour and will create a more youthful look to clients who have naturally darker tones in their brows.

Little Noosa Brow | $40
We were both young, when I first saw you. Initiate your daughter in to the secret society of beautiful brows. Your brow artist will assess the skin of the younger client using wax and or just the tweezers the brows will be tidied of any strays and kept full and youthful to enhance the beautiful younger features.

The Noosa Man Brow | 30 mins | $30
Boys don’t cry. Always with masculinity in mind, a Noosa Brow Co. Specialist will tidy the brow with wax or tweezers to open the eye and clear the area between the brows. Any hairs too close to the eye will be removed, to create a fresh and clean look for the Noosa Man. (30 mins)

Lip or Chin Wax | $20
Using wax the hairs on the lip or chin are removed for smoother hairfree skin

Brow Extensions

Do you have gaps or sparse areas in your eyebrows? or maybe you have been struggling to grow in your brows. Brow Extensions have arrived and they can help make all your brow dreams come true.

With the application of Brow Extensions your brow artist will be able to fill out spares areas in your brows. The tiny hairs are attached to any of your natural brow hairs with a special adhesive to thicken up and fill in your brow, they can also be applied to the skin if they need to.

The Noosa Brow Co. Brow Makeover treatment includes a custom brow tint and the application of brow extensions creating fabulous brows that can last up to 14 days, this service starts at $20.00 depending on how many brow extensions are applied.

Mini Makeover 5-10 Brow Extensions | 20 mins | $35
Designed for clients with only 1 or 2 spares areas in the brows.
Application Only 5-10 hairs | 10 mins | $20

Modern Makeover 10-15 Brow Extensions | 30 mins | $55
Designed for clients that are growing in larger areas of their brows.
Application Only 10-15 hairs | 15 mins | $35

The Noosa Brow Makeover 15-25 Brow Extensions | 40 mins | $75
For the child of the 80’s who plucked their brows away, this service will truly makeover and recreate your brow and is designed for clients who have barely their brows.
Application Only 15-25 hairs | 30 mins | $55

Tips for the Best Brows

  • Avoid tweezing any hairs that are close to the brow line between visits. These hairs can be very important for your brow artist to shape The brows to the way you want them.
  • Only tweeze the obvious hairs through the middle or down below the brow line as this will achieve the best results when having your brows shaped by your brow artist
    Only have your brows shaped by a brow artist not by a beauty therapist. There is a difference between knowing how to apply and remove wax and being able to clean and shape a brow to a clients face and eye shape
  • Brow colours will not make your brows darker if you don’t want them to. Your brow artist can mix up a colour just to match the rest of your brow and pick up any sparse hairs or lighter areas (usually at the ends of the brows or any areas that are growing in) so don’t be scared of brow colour
  • Don’t be scared of filling in your brows. Don’t go too heavy at the fronts of the brows and make sure you brush your pencil or powder through the brows to get a natural even colour.
  • Brow lightening is not the same as a brow colour. Brow lightening makes the hairs lighter – this can be ideal for clients who have changed their hair colour and is a great way to soften brows but you will need to use a pencil or powder daily to fill out any sparse areas as brow lightening will not help to fill these areas out so be aware of this when having brows lightened

Lash Services

Custom Noosa Lash Colour | 20 mins | $20
Paint it black. A lash colour is applied to top and bottom lashes that will make your lashes feel longer, darker and slightly thicker. When a lash colour is applied it will darken the lash hairs from the base to the tip, adding definition to eyes without having to wear mascara. This is highly recommended for clients with blonde lashes or if you are going on a beach holiday. Lash colour will last 7-14 days.

Lash Lift | 30 mins | $50

Sky high lashes. Lash lift service will lift your lashes up from the base creating more length and open up your eyes. a silicone rod is placed on the skin just above the top lash line, your lashes are curled up and over and two different solutions are applied to keep your lashes lifted. For best results most client finish the service with a custom lash colour, lash lift will last 8-10 weeks.

Full Set Natural Lash Extensions | 50-70 mins | $160
A mink lash extension is applied to every possible lash on your top lash line from the outer edge to the inner corner of the eye. A full set will last up to 4 weeks with the lashes on the outer corner often falling off first as they are finer and smaller. Throughout the 4 weeks after applicaton the lash extensions will fall off from general wear and tear and also from the natural continual shedding process.
2 Week Infill | $60
3 Week Infill | $80

Half set of lash extensions | 30-45 mins | $90
This is the same process of applying a mink lash to the clients individual lashes from the outer corner to half way in to the lash line or they can be scattered throughout the lash line which is great for clients who already have length but want to add more volume to their lash line.
2 Week Infill | $50
3-4 Week Infill | $70

2D Full Set Lash Extensions | 60-80 mins | $180
The 2D lashes are the newest thing in the lash world they create a full natural lash line enhancing the eyes with 2 fine lash extensions per natural lash on the top lash line this is great for clients who have finer lashes and want to create a fuller darker lash line. The lash extensions come in various lengths to suit each client.
2 Week Infill | $80
3 Week Infill | $100

3D Full Set Lash Extensions | 70-90 mins | $200
3D lash extensions are the next level up from 2D with 3 fine lash extensions per natural lash this will give the client a more glamorous look with a fabulous full and fluffy lash line its perfect for those who want a little extra glam for their everyday look.
2 Week Infill | $100
3 Week Infill | $120

4D Full Set Lash Extensions | 70-90 mins | $210
The ultimate in lash extensions 4D give you a super full luscious lash line with 4 super fine lash extensions to each natural lash this is best suited for the fabulous woman of Noosa who want the most natural looking thickest lashes you can get while still looking chic and fabulous from beach to bistro keep people guessing with these gorgeous lashes.
2 Week Infill | $120
3 Week Infill | $140

After Care for Lash Extensions

  • Make sure you keep your new lash extensions away from water forthe first 24 hours
  • Avoid any products that are oil based to remove eye shadowsor eyeliner
  • It is best to use a cotton bud when getting close to the lash line; that way you avoid using a cotton pad and wiping over the lashes and getting fluffy bits of cotton stuck in the lashes
  • Do NOT wear waterproof mascara at all on your lash extensions this will break down the glue and cause your lashes to fall off very quickly
  • Only use a mascara that is designed for lash extensions or for a one of occasion, use a non waterproof mascara removable with warm water
  • The best way to apply mascara is by removing the excess from the mascara wand and pressing into the top half of the lashes.
  • Use a small brush to move stray lashes back into place after showering, the lashes are clean and softer at this time and it willbe easier to get those naughty lashes straight again